dear no one in particular,

This is your avenue to say something, to say anything, to say the one thing you have always wanted to say. It can be an idea, a rant, a memory, a recipe, a love, a terror. Anything.

This project is not about you, it is certainly not about me, it is about nobody that you know.

Every single thought shall be published unedited and anonymously in a book to be read by no one in particular.






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    we are only human.

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    This is fascinating. I checked to see if others like me lived in a state of gratefulness, to NO ONE IN PARTICULAR, as I do not subscribe to any theism or deism. I searched: "I am gratefuI, but to no one in particular" and found this site, so if this site is the proxy for no one in particular I guess I should say : "Thanks".

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    De angst geen toekomst te hebben #detwaalfduidingen

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    I always end up believing people hate me. My therapist asked me today what I think I am I told him "misanthrope". He said, "good word". I don't think I should go to him anymore because I don't want to make him miserable too. My negative inner self is so intense it feels like a laser beam. He said today he plans to mentor someone which means someone sitting in on the session and I feel like a damaged object with two people collaborating and looking at me like a specimen. He told me to think like a therapist to try and observe people and learn to connect. Now I feel like the one person in my life, the only person, is going to remove himself from being a confidant. It's the only thing in my life I look forward to and it is unattainable. I told him that today. He's taught me to communicate so well that I told him exactly how I feel. So, maybe, the therapy is working. Maybe the person he mentors w ill help teach me to connect and not to try and possess people. He said, "You can possess experiences but not people". He said today I haven't learned yet that experience is a collaboration between people, or something like that. Today was awful screaming loneliness.

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    Go outside.

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    4/22/96 my son was born, he had black finger nails, we later learned that he had a grave heart defect that would almost certainly kill him. 3 days later he passed away, the hospital wanted to operate so they would not disconnect him from life support, so I did it and held him until the end. There is no coming back from that.

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    I will never love you

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    I love my little family so much, I'm grateful for my husband, little boy and tiny kicking baby in my tummy. I'm just plagued with a secret that after all this time could change things forever with my husband...

    I will never admit to being the jammy one.

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    Perhaps we'll find each other one day

    Perhaps we'll be happy together

    Perhaps we'll find each other again and relive our past lives in this one

    Perhaps we'll make each other better people

    Perhaps I'll know I belong

    With you

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    I dreamt I kissed you, but when I woke up you were gone and I almost died because I wanted to be with you again. I miss you, my angel

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    I'm very much in love with you,

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    We had been together for 3 weeks and I'm ashamed to admit that I think I love you already because now that you without notice stopped texting I feel hollow. It's been a week now and I know I should forget you and say 'go to hell' but I beat myself up because I still care and would run into your arms again like a fool. I wish I showed you more how sexy & attractive I thought you were , but I hesitated and I think you decided I wasn't giving back enough. How will I ever know? I remember you nervously sweating the first time we met, how could that all have disappeared in 2 weeks... I just weep into my pillow now over how it ended. Why do I crave closure, why am I so keen to put the power back in his hand?

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    I hate how many edgy "special snowflake" entries there are on this site. I'm not going to lie; I do think I'm better than most people. I'm smart, tactful, and I know all the dankest memes.

    My tastes are greatly refined, as I've seen all the quality Chinese cartoons, and I've read every ideology book my Glorious Leader has recommended to me.

    I drink Earl Grey tea and annotate Marx.

    Most days, I'm regarded as one baller motherfucker, but today it seems I'm no one in particular.

    I'll be honest; nobody really thinks I'm a baller motherfucker. In the eyes of my peers, I'm an okay guy at best. In fact, I rarely even have a role in conversations with my closest group of friends. I've allowed myself to become a background character in my own life.

    But, don't get me wrong, I'm not a totally pretentious prick. I know it's my fault that I can't socialize normally, and I'm aware of the fact that I'm an asshole. I'm not going to lie to myself and say that the reason my people are drifting away from me is no fault of my own, or complain about that fact.

    I'm aware of my situation and I'm accepting it.

    In my opinion, that does make me better than most people around me. Not a day goes by that I don't see someone intensely complaining about some minor detail of their life. Everybody has problems. There's no reason to constantly voice them and make yourself a nuisance to others. The kind of people who complain about their life make me sick.

    You could call me a hypocrite, seeing as most of this entry is one unified complaint, but remember that I don't expect sympathy from anyone. Nobody knows who I am, and nobody ever will, so there is no risk of pity or sympathy being directed at my identity. I could be a man walking down the street, just another faceless background character in your daily life.

    TL;DR No one in particular thinks you're a fucking faggot.

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    I have (3) separate music playlists that are full of sentimental songs from the duration of (3) separate failed long-term relationships. Each song tied to powerful memories that conjur up feelings both good and bad. I occasionally play them just to torture myself. Who would intentionally torture themselves? Me. I think this makes me incredibly strange...

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    Woke up this morning reflecting on how many people I have known in my liife and how sad it is that so many of them are now simply faces in my photo albums and pass through my mind during quiet idol moments. From the friends I lived with at university who now have beautiful family lives, to the friend who was my first true, true love - but to them I would only remain their friend. The more I think the more faces I remember, and then worry how I never lost these people through conflict or intention, just I guess through the twisting journeys that life takes us.

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    It makes me so mad, or sad, or something in between how in 500 days of Summer she says to Tom "one day I just knew what I was never sure of with you". But he was sure of that, And I was sure of that and you weren't. And that just seams so unfair. I loved you so much, I have never loved anyone that much, myself included. It just makes me sad.

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    I always beileved everyone has a soulmate. The love of their life. But what if you end up not being the love of their life to the love of your life?

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    There once was a boy whom everyone loved, but what did that matter to him. In the end no one is perfect, no one is special, you are you! What does that matter to friends, nothing! So stop feeling sorry about how no one loves you, that kid had it all, but he was just a you. Make something! Do something! Anything! Just don't be like everyone else, because only you can be you.

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    I love you so much.I don't know whether I will ever stop loving you.

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    I dont know what to do with my life!

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    Dear no one in particular, Yes, I too am no one in particular. I have fallen off the wagon and I can't seem to get back up. I wish to quit graduate school because it seems overwhelming right now. I feel burdened and tired. I keep looking at that k student loan waiting at the end of this 2 year program. I'm only half a year into this program and here I am so depressed and sulking and not knowing what to do. I think going off on vacation that lasted almost a month had something to do with this. Seeing family and friends back home on this vacation made me see no purpose to this added education. Buhoo!

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    I love you :)

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    I was someone once but was let down and now I am a nobody. Should have gone far with proper support, could have helped to change the world, just a little. Bury your head in the sand and be buried totally. I did try.

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    We are but patterns that perpetuate themselves into infinity

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    I want to marry someone who will tell me that Rome wasn't built in a day but if I wanted to, I could do it

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    I love December. Everything that is wrong just fades away in december, it's great!

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    i never noticed that before. i dont have anyone. i have bunch of "friends", but no one real

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    I just don't know what to do ... I'm not happy now, wouldn't be happy without you, can't imagine how we'd go about being together, or even if that would work. The worst thing of all? Not being able to discuss it with you.

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    Today I made a mistake.

    A horrible, horrible mistake.

    Luckily, it seems no one has figured it out yet.

    It hid itself, my mistake.

    I worry, though.

    About whether it really hid itself, or if someone found it and hid it for me.

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    I thought of a friend the other day. She was fun and beautiful. She was crazy and wonderful. I had a dream about her the other day. It was just like old times. I wish we could talk like that again. Man, I wish I could see her again. I wonder what she's doing. How much time has it been? Six? Maybe eight years? This makes me feel old. I hope she's having a good life and that we meet up again someday.

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    I watch too much porn.

    I need to get my head out of the gutter


    That is all.

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    I want it to rain. I want to lose weight. I want to stop having a roach problem in my apartment. I want to buy something expensive. I want to brag about it. I want to do better. I want it to be done with absolutely no effort on my part. I want to eat a chocolate cake without getting sick of the taste halfway through. I want a better relationship with my brother. I want to hang out with my parents more. I want to finish my work without actually spending time doing it. I want a smaller nose. I want to be more intelligent in front of my peers. I want to be a sloth. I want to be a cheesecake. But most of all, I WANT IT TO RAIN, GODDAMMIT. The sun is getting on my nerves.

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    Well, it was very shelfish of you that you wanted to be with me, even though you weren't sure of your feelings towards me yet, but it is selfish of me to want you back, even though you don't feel right in this relationship. I mean, you didn't. And I always knew we had an expiration date, I guess I just thought it would come later.

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    So excited, yet a little scared! But it's a secret!!!!!!

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    I love you so much, how can you leave me like this?

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    I love you.

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    Like a true Brit ... may I say, I'm loving the weather! ;-)

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    Every relationship should be based on 50% given by each person, but with us, I constantly feel like it's me who is giving everything and who loves you more, and I can't take it anymore. This is not how I should feel, being with someone should make you a better person, and I just feel like nothing. All the time.

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    I know we're together now, but I feel like you had to settle, I constantly feel like I don't deserve you and I find a million reasons why you are better than me and then I get scared, because I don't want to lose you. I love you so much, more than you will ever love me, and I get sad when I remember this.

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    There are tons of crybabies out there crying about some man or woman. if it was not meant to be, then it wasn't. get over it and move on with your lives.

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    I though you couldn't love anyone. I was wrong. You just couldn't love me.

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    It doesn't matter that we may never be together ... we have proven what we can be to one another ... we love and are loved. That can be enough.

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    The truth is i've been hurt so many times that i may be accepting the fact that i'll be alone for a long time. who knows, maybe forever. the sadder fact is that i'm starting to be ok with it. and I'm only 21

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    Inside I'm screaming!

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    Everyday is a little bit more too late.

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    It hurts knowing that I wasn't enough. I truly am the kind of person that doesn't fall in love often and when I do, it IS a big deal. But not for you, I guess. It hurts knowing that you were with her on the day that I used all of my strength to resist my Jane Gallagher, who wanted to use me one last time. And in the past, I would've done it in a second, but then I had you. And you couldn't keep your hands to yourself. And now you want me back and it's wrong, but how can I move on if you're around me all the time?

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    I wish people would be honest about how they really feel. Stop hiding ... just say it! I dare you.

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    I want to cry

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    I want my cake and I want to eat it!

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    I forgive you

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    I'm sorry I treated our relationship so frivolously and choose to take the easy way out. I'm sorry I can't be your friend only because my love is stifling. You're so dear to me, I love you.

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    dear no one in particular, i dreamt of you last night, you finally accepted me. i dreamt of you too - then your message came in and i knew. i feel so insecure, i feel you slipping away. it hurts because i can't tell whether it's me or you.

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    It hurts me when I see you and I can't breathe, but I am happy with my boyfriend now. We're always gonna have memories, but that's fine, because with him I am also gonna have nice memories.

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    I'm sorry. I miss you. But I could never admit it, which is kind of sad. I'm sorry I thought it was better to lose you than my pride.

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    should I stay or should I go?

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    Can someone define love, and how you know that you're in love. The border between love and friendship is a very fine line, and often we don't know what is what. What I'm asking myself is, should one try and persue the love, in which he is not sure that it is the one, or should leave it to fade and die? And by every second, we stand a little bit further apart.

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    I hope it hurts you as much as it hurts me.

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    Its been 2 years. All my feelings for you are gone. I do not want you in my life. So why when I see your name crop up to I immediately remember how hurt I was and the knot in my stomach tightens?

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    Why is it so difficult to tell someone how you feel? Why can't I just turn around and say "You know what, I'm crazy about you". Or turn to someone else and say "I've never felt this lonely". Or even "Having you as my right hand makes me more comfortable than I can remember being". Why?

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    I don't feel I am right for any one person. I don't feel any one person is right for me.

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    Don't think outside of the box, think outside of the crowd.

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    If ...... our children were older, you weren't so bloody posh, I wasn't intimidated by your family, I could act my age, we were both a little more brave, .... then maybe, just maybe we'd have a happily ever after, together!

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    Sometimes, I feel unnecessary.

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    I think I love you, a lot. but I also think the love I feel is different. I just don't know what to do. With this, with my life, with everything. So please understand, you're better off not knowing how I feel. It would be cruel.

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    I am the batman. I am neil patrick harris. I am johnny depp, jason mraz, sherlock, watson. Somebody. Nobody. I am whoever you want me to be. i AM, as far as your imagination IS. That's the fun of it. I am an anon.

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    It scares me to come to this site and read the things I remember writing years ago.

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    I fear being buried alive. Hope I'm good and dead before they condemn me to a cold, dark and confined space.

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    I miss having to use the actual telephone to call people up. I miss actual hours-worth of conversations and actual connection. Now the world's full of texts and social networking sites. I just wish people would still call each other up. Have actual long conversations. I wish people would admit their love to each other in person and not begin with a rant on a blog or a text. I wish kids would stop wasting their time on the computer and go out, enjoy sports or music or both. I wish the world were a better place. I wish people would stop hurting each other. I wish life was easy for EVERYONE, not just me or people "like me".

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    Thing is, I tried. And I did, with every fiber of my being, love you. You just didn't feel the same way about me. - To No One In Particular (but you know who you are)

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    I just think that all women could figure out what they want. You want a perfect guy? That's fine but saying someone is too perfect is not acceptable as a way to turn them down.

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    I don't want to leave. They can throw me out, ban me from returning, but they can't ever stop me loving this place that is my home.

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    How can I be jealous of the simple act of making a cup of tea?
    I have no right,
    But as you fill the kettle this morning,
    My heart aches with the brevity of this morning,
    As you flick the switch,
    I try to switch off,
    As you lean against the worktop, lost in your thoughts,
    I want to get lost in you,
    The warmth in your hands as you climb the stairs and push open the door,
    The cold has crept into my bed, reminding me that you're not here.
    I hope she appreciates you.
    I do.

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    I just want to be #100.

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    I'm a 22 year old guy and I'm a virgin. I just want to fall in love. I want to hold hands and let her rest on my shoulders. I don't know if I'm ever going to find someone. And it kills me a little every day.

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    J'en ai marre des pigeons qui viennent chier sur mon balcon

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    I want this domain name for a blog

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    I wish i was thin and pretty. <3

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    Life is not right. If she slaps you, you slap her.

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    Sometimes I feel a bit alone.

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    but hell do i know anything love.

    Do you know about love? Anything at all? Or rather everything you've done is just a stupid emotion you follow every single day, trying hard to catch up to it but never really got into it?

    Love. God knows why He give this thing to us.

    I dont. Thats for sure. But i'm feeling it now. And i dont even know what to do.

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    Before anyone post anything here, I want to say something.

    This world isn't as cruel as you take it to be.

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    I wish I could stop drinking. And I wish I could stop procrastinating. And I wish I wasn't afraid of everything. It's all killing me and everything I love.

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    i don't know about Charls Bukowskie, but when i get up in the morning and put my shoes on, i think "jesus christ, it's too goddamn early".

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    my dad sexually abused me, and i honestly don't care.

  • #0088

    I hate people

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    Pain is my enemy.

  • #0086

    time is the enemy

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    because you have forgiven me for something unforgivable, i will love you forever.

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    I hate that you left me. I hate that you have a new girlfriend, and you're happy faces smile at me through your facebook profile pic. I hate that I did things for you that normally I would never do. I feel like an idiot. A fucking idiot.

    I feel like I will never find anyone I could love again. No one can compare to you. I hate that my family always ask about you. I hate that it is a year and a half since you left and I still think of you all the time. I hate that when we met up in the summer, you made me feel not good enough. I wish I could properly hate you, but I can't. I still love you.

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    The guy my best friend loves is in love with me and I'm scared to tell her because she might hate me. I also am scared to admit that I've fallen for him too.

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    I want nothing more than to be thin.

  • #0080

    Even though I said it was altitude sickness, I was actually having a panic attack on the gondola up, just from thinking about what had happened to you such a short time ago. I gave up the only sport I ever really liked, because I was too scared to get on the chair lift.

    I'm going tomorrow for the first time since your accident.

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    I'm hungry.

  • #0078

    Adios. Look under my keyboard.

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    Totally gonna go see Harry Potter on november 19th! So super excited you guys ^-^! <3

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    Is that dog on fire? It definitely is. Up in flames. Burnt to a crisp. A charcoal pup. Poor thing.

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    a million instances of filigree

  • #0074

    And then, he says he loves you. They always do.

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    it's flabbergasting how cows poop and flies are yaking coke like rain alternates planets cycle poop.

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    Girls say what they want in a guy all the time, I do too. But all I really want is for someone to love me back/

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    I don't know why but girls that say they were suicidal just so they can know you worry about them, are evil, in every meaning of the word.

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    "For me, bipolar manic depression is like being a full-time inverted slalom ski-jumper, struggling tirelessly to pinpoint and resolve the ultimate cause of disharmony in the universe, and having to function in the 'real world' all at the same time. Ignore us, crucify us or worship us as gods... we're ready." - No one in particular, June 2010

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    My biggest fear of all is to fall in love again as I did last time...

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    Rah bags

  • #0066

    It's time to make some decisions. The best parts of my life have been the parts where I decided to do something rather than let things happen. The times I am most pleased with and most proud of are times that didn't happen out of convenience or safety. They are the times I created. The times that I was in the lead of my own life.

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    Why did my father have so much information about paw paws.

  • #0064

    MDMA made me gay like Jay.

  • #0063

    Silvia, thank you for meeting me.

    I love you.

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    what we deem normal is evil, we then use our wealth and knowledge to distribute it, all over the planet.

    step back for a moment and examine the society we exist in.

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    My twin sister has cancer. Breast cancer...the most aggresive variety. If it were five years ago, the prognosis would be mortal. Herceptin puts a whole new view on it. Her chances of living have gone from 15% to 75...... it's not enough. What am i to do now.....? I know what to do - I have taken compassionate leave to care for her and i will go and care for her And yet,...and yet...I am grieving the loss of my life - the life I lead every day.... where I live, who I live with, my dog, my friends, my job, my house.... I have to leave them all. She lives in another country you see.... and I don;t regret a thing.... I am going to miss it here thats all... it;s so beautiful here now - England is more beautifull in May than anywhere else could be.... I don't want to go - I don;t want to face what I must face...and yet what i must face is nothing compared to her - I don't want to watch her lose her breast, lose her hair, , 7 months of chemo therapy and 3 more months of radiotherapy. Its not about me.. but I don;t want to watch. I shall though.. I shall love and care for her as much as i can....I just don;t want to have to do this.

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    i wish i could feel the same way about another person as some of the people who write on here.

  • #0059

    Young, ambitious, and absolutely absurd. Frankly, I don't know my direction in life. I have a hard time accepting religion, in itself, I smoke, I drink, I do the pre marital deed; and want to know a secret, I don't care. This school, I'm afraid, will completely obstruct my dream, I'm afraid that, in some subtle and manipulative way, this school will close my mind from the mundane to the orthodox. I'm not trying to be pessimistic to the belief that I'll find my own individualism, just the fact that I'll be someone I'm not.
    Let's go back for a moment; I'm a young man of a different ethnicity than white. I'm quite independent and cynical to the "norm." I'm attending a Christian university, which praises the holy, that prohibits the two d's and f: drugs, drink, and fornication; which, I, ironically have done, all in the same day on some occasions. I believe in God, but the whole religious aspect hurts me, makes me feel sick to my stomach. Honestly, how can one praise Jesus on Sunday after a Saturday night party, how can one continuously ask for forgiveness after taking the same red cup with intoxicating liquid, how can one dare speak in front of the same crowd when they, themselves, have been unfaithful to the very wife they swore to love forever and always? These are just a few examples of what "Christian" have done. Before Jesus burned Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked to save the town if only ten righteous men existed, if only five, if only one; and want to know something, none were righteous. I look at our own hypocritical religion, and ask the same question: one righteous man... None. So, the question is, what right does this school have on imposing rules to make me a better "Christian?"
    I'm afraid this school will hurt me as a free thinking, non conservative, counterculture self. I'm afraid. Afraid to the point I'm willing to switch schools, or even drop out. But you know what, I have faith. Despite my rabble against religion, I'm not afraid to try new things. I trust it'll be better at the end, and I will learn something to take to the end.

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    nothing to be specific about


  • #0057

    The things I'll never say.

    1. I'm sorry that you're stuck there. You of all people do not deserve that, not even close.

    2. I miss you so much more than I ever thought I would. I can't stop thinking about that text I got from you, on that one awful night. I'll never forgive myself for asking if you were kidding.

    3. When that happened to you, I went through so much horrible shit because of it. You can't ever find out, because what you went through was so much worse.

    4. You don't get it. No one gets it. And you know what? I never expected anything different.

    5. Thank you, for giving me that peace of mind. There's something about you that no one else has, and that is why you're so special to me.

    6. Things change, people change. The person I've become can't fucking stand the person you've become.

    7. Out of the five other people in that picture (that a short while ago, I would have called my best friends), you are the only one I still speak to, and I'm so scared that I'll lose you too.

    8. You're my comic relief, and I don't know what I'd do without you.

    9. I neglect you. I always have. We all do it, and you've always treated me like the best thing in your world.

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  • #0055

    If we were a movie, you'd be the right guy, and I'd be girl that you'd fall in love with.
    First thing that came to mind.

  • #0054

    I want what everyone else has. What have I done to deserve this boring, depressing, un-fun life :(

  • #0053

    i wish i could be who i really want to be, not who i should be.

  • #0052

    I'm waiting on my college letter.

    If I don't get out of this place I will literally kill myself.

    I can't stand this space.

  • #0051

    In my dream last night, my dog came back to life. I gave her something to eat, and it poisoned her.

  • #0050

    I love "The way I see it" messages on starbicks coffee cups.... especially this one :)
    The way I see it #186 The world i smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think.

  • #0049

    I need to find balance.

  • #0048

    want my confirmation email :(

  • #0047

    That wasn't me. But I wish it was because I feel that way too.

  • #0046

    falling in-love with you more and more each day..i'm loving you too much it's starting to scare me..

  • #0045

    I need chocolate.

  • #0044

    you cant fool the youth

  • #0043

    i love you.

  • #0042

    I want to confide in you, I really do. We are so alike that it's often you whom I long to talk with. But I think the thing that stops me the most, even though you insist you want to listen, is I'm afraid you don't mean it, that if I give you that part of me, you won't reciprocate. I need to know about you, all of you, not just the naughty bits. So please forgive me for being aloof, it's just a way of protecting myself.

  • #0041

    Better to accept a wrong decision than to regret a missed opportunity.

  • #0040

    I am most of the time alone in my appartment. When having no one real to talk to, I reveal my thoughts to my kangaroo plushie instead.

  • #0039

    Je t'aime à la folie.

  • #0038

    I've lost all the faith in myself and to the fact that I could someday mean something to someone or be something that I wanted to be. And that saddens me more than anything, because I can't blame anyone about it except myself.

  • #0037

    the seas lift up their voices
    the forest sings for joy
    the rivers clap their hands and sing
    the fields are jubilant with YOUR praise
    so i sit here and ask myself
    why don't i get up and join them?

    i am selfish
    the seas lift up their voices
    the forest sings for joy
    the rivers clap their hands and sing
    the fields are jubilant with YOUR praise
    so i sit here and ask myself
    why don't i get up and join them?

    i am selfish
    i am hopeless
    i am worthless
    i am worn
    i am nothing
    yet, i am LOVED
    as i watch the water
    coming towards me
    glistening, sparkling, beautiful
    i hear the waves crashing
    they are worshipping now
    and i sit here and ask myself
    why don't i get up and join them?

    i am nothing
    but now i am LOVED
    now i am humbled
    now i am covered
    now i am showered with YOUR grace
    now i am broken
    now i am forgiven
    i am a child of I AM
    a child of I AM
    so i stand here listening
    to the worshippers all around me
    they're all over nature
    and now i'm joining in
    to this worship that makes my heart spin

    HE's my creator
    HE gives me life
    HE's my wonder
    HE makes me see
    HE's my forgiver
    HE has covered me
    HE'S my SAVIOR
    HE is my SAVIOR

  • #0036

    I believe in forever.

  • #0035

    U GUISE.

  • #0034

    From now on, I will always carry a Sharpie to write uplifting messages in bathroom stalls.

  • #0033

    i just wanted to tell you all that i slipped my brother 3 liquid viagras at a house party once. He kept disappearing to the toilet, for very long periods of time. He still doesnt know. Haaaaaaaaaaa!

  • #0032

    If i plant a sesame seed, would i grow a seasame street?

  • #0031

    Is uranus an inter-galactic vortex, or just a smelly black hole?

  • #0030

    Every 8 seconds a woman is beaten in the US. Why isn't this a fucking emergency?

  • #0029

    I didn't think I'd fall so easily again, not after what happened last time. It's a wonderful feeling, yet totally new. It's different than last time; not in a good way, but not in a bad way either. It's exciting and it fills me up inside, it flows into every part of me that I felt was empty. I want you to know, no, I need you to know, that I think I love you.

  • #0028

    You treat me like you love me way more than you actually do. If you really loved me you'd shut up when you see me and kiss me already.

  • #0027

    γνῶθι σεαυτόν.

  • #0026

    I miss you like crazy. You make me feel like such a fucking psychopath. It's been 7 days since I last saw you and already, I'm completely miserable. How am I going to make it until the next time I see you?
    I miss the sound of your voice, and the feeling of your lips on mine. I miss having our fingers intertwined, and the sense of safety I feel when your arms are wrapped around my body.
    I miss you like crazy. You make me feel like such a fucking psychopath. It's been 7 days since I last saw you and already, I'm completely miserable. How am I going to make it until the next time I see you?
    I miss the sound of your voice, and the feeling of your lips on mine. I miss having our fingers intertwined, and the sense of safety I feel when your arms are wrapped around my body.
    You are a safe haven for me, in a world of people with bad intentions.
    Never has anyone had this kind of control over me. I'm wrapped around your little finger, but I'm not afraid. Know why? Because you're wrapped around mine too.
    Please come home. I need you.

  • #0025

    What's the difference between a duck? One of its legs are both the same.

  • #0024

    I loved you. I loved you with every single piece of me. But it wasn't enough. You wanted to see what else is out there. I stupidly agreed to let you go, but only because I wanted to make you happy. I hoped you realize what you were missing, I hoped that was me. I was wrong; you found someone else. I now realize that if I hadn't let you go, you wouldn't have found this other person. I guess this is for the better. I just wish it didn't hurt so much.

  • #0023

    Hey this is my Friend Turunga.

  • #0022

    Sometimes I try to list all the things that would surprise me more than if a MASSIVE multi-colour polka dotted tea pot flew into earth from outer space and destroyed everything except me and a purple, fuzzy left slipper.
    There isn't much.

  • #0021

    Two years ago, I told my uber-Christian mother I no longer believed in her god. She and my sisters have treated me like a stranger ever since. I believe in myself.

  • #0020

    Don't worry, she'll be fine
    That is what they told me
    As the monster within her
    Slowly killed her from the inside out
    Don't worry, she'll be fine
    Chemotherapy weakened her frail body
    But she never let it show
    Until one day, she didn't wake up
    For once, she might not be fine
    Don't worry, she'll be fine
    That is what they told me
    As the monster within her
    Slowly killed her from the inside out
    Don't worry, she'll be fine
    Chemotherapy weakened her frail body
    But she never let it show
    Until one day, she didn't wake up
    For once, she might not be fine
    We were worried, but her heart beat on
    Boom, boom
    Then it grew silent
    She wasn't fine.
    Nothing was fine.

  • #0019

    The Best Scones Ever
    3 C all-purpose flour
    ½ C sugar
    2 tsp salt
    2½ tsp baking powder
    3/8 C butter
    Mix together. Add 2 cups berries (of your choice). Add enough milk to form dough. Press into circle shape, cut in to 8 even triangles.
    Bake at 350° F for 20-25 minutes.

  • #0018

    I hate you. That's all there is to it. I hate all the shit you put me through, and that after that, you still try to talk to me like we're friends. What the fuck is that about?

  • #0017

    I am REALLY going to miss you when you're gone.

  • #0016

    It's really hard to act chill about this when just two weeks ago you told me you needed me. I know you meant it at the time, and things change, so on and so forth, the distance was too much.. But the words are burnt into my brain. I can't eat or sleep knowing that at some point you told me there was no distance that could hold us back. The problem is I can't rightfully be a bitch to you because you were never a jerk to me. This frustrates me deeply.
    I miss knowing I was yours, and you were mine.

  • #0015

    If I could put that night on repeat,
    and live it forever, I would.
    For whatever reason, that was the best night of my life.
    Everything about it was just right.
    Being with you made it right.
    You changed how I see the world.
    I trust people because of you. I feel beautiful because of you.
    Sometimes when I'm all alone, I laugh for no reason.
    You were the first person that I was able to trust this much,
    to be this comfortable around, to be this close to,
    without being afraid. The first person to tell me that
    you don't want to hurt me, and also the first person
    to mean it.

    You are perfect for me.
    I love you, and I want to tell you that,
    but I'm scared that if you knew just how much you mean to me,
    you would be afraid, and you would leave.

  • #0014

    A heart is just a heart, it can break and fall apart, it can bleed and stop and start, 'cause a heart it just a heart.

  • #0013

    Yo y mis putas ansias.

  • #0012

    Sometimes I wonder if you truly understand what you mean to me. Even if in the next few days, weeks, months, something goes wrong. I don't care. I'll always want you to be here. Always.

  • #0011

    My love of cheese is not ordinary.
    Just kidding.
    What I really want to say is --
    I'm myself. No one can change that.
    I'm human, I make mistakes.
    I'm a lover, not a fighter, though I do like to fight a lot.
    And I really do like cheese.
    Especially the stringy kind.
    It's my sin.
    Like Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream.
    Mouthgasm, kthnxbai.
    Anyway --
    Yeah. That's pretty much all I've got to say.
    peace, love, chicken-grease. <3

  • #0010

    Who is this?

  • #0009

    "... and I HATE to be missed."

  • #0008

    How I have loved one woman for 3 years. But alas my heart wanders to a love over ten years ago. How when I'm with her we have a connection that could be cut or grabbed from the thin or heavy air. How I lie and say she is just a buddy, a friend, a chum or just a connection to my past. How I lay awake thinking, fantasizing of kissing her, touching her, fucking her. While my dear love layes aside me. How I see her face when my love is screaming my name. How I wish she was my love from long ago. She is charming and clever. Like me and our eyes are at pure level. Who will see me will her to me. But I'm terrified to end something so long. My legs are restless and so is my heart. I will die in new York city. Hopefully with her holding my hand.

  • #0007

    Chelsea is a rather neat lady.

  • #0006

    Everyone is different, no one is special.

  • #0005

    6 weeks in Ireland. Best time of my life.

  • #0004

    William, thank you.

  • #0003

    I am in love with you. I wasn't expecting this, but here I am and I'm terribly scared. If I told you I loved you, would you stay?

  • #0002

    I love my boyfriend so so so so so much. And I know he loves me. I love how his amazing positivity will out balance when I'm negative. He's the best.

  • #0001

    I lost faith in the world. Then I met you. Regardless of it's futility, I soldier on in the hopes that one day you will love me. Sure, I'll be friends. I just need to stop loving you first.